I've been trying unsuccessfully to bid on several used POS PC on eBay. Eva's passion for trying out new recipes printed off from the internet inspired me. Why not bring the internet to the kitchen, and along with it, access to email and our video and music collection? Unnecessary? Most assuredly, especially considering the size of our kitchen. But I have a rather expensive dream (both in terms of time I spend dreaming, and it's likely cost), that I will build a wired home someday. And this seems like a good place to start, because of its inspired utility. If this works, I may just try the bathroom next.

It has been harder than first thought, mostly because I'm cheap. POS systems start out cheap, but even old ones are sought after. I started out thinking I could get an old laptop, but even old laptops are still quite pricey. Also eBay laptops are really hard to find near complete at the basement price. Plus, who wants to use a mouse in the kitchen, whether it's a touchpad or not? No, it would make more sense to use a touchscreen, maybe even with a touchscreen keyboard. It would be nearly impossible to wire a touchscreen monitor any distance past 6 feet so I've settled on a sort of thin client. The POS systems inspired me because of their all-in-one designs, usually including a rugged touchscreen. Ideally this machine could boot off the network, wirelessly, or using a vnc client. Sound would be harder, but not impossible.

Would a 200mhz client do this. I'm guessing it would be close. But no matter, as long as it's somewhat affordable, it's a place to start living and building my dream.


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