Thin Client

Well, the raid 5 will have to wait. Just too much money to spend before taking our trip to South America. That's not to say I haven't been keeping my geek interests piqued. I recently purchased an IBM Netvista 2800 NUS, or 8364, on eBay. Instead of the POS station idea i had for the kitchen, I'm going to try this first. I dont' know much about these things, but they sound fun. Pentium 266mhz, 128mb of ram, with a compact flash slot and ide port, support for pci, usb, and touch screens. Basically a silent pc.

I bought it thinking it might have the compact flash (the e in 2800e) with WinCE installed, but no dice. So besides netbooting, it needs some medium to store the boot part on. I bought a 128mb compact flash card to try linux. I'd like to get it to be used primarily as a remote desktop, but it has the stats for more than just that. With support for pci, a wireless pci adapter allows me to put it anymore.

Really, once it's booting, only an lcd touchscreen is needed.

Stay tuned.


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